Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 1: 0 - 0 miles per hour!

As I was walking home today after my run with Samantha, my 8 month old bundle of fun!, I decided today would be a great day to start my blog! Why you ask? Because today was quite the adventure...

Running is always a hard thing for me- hard to get myself going and then once I am going, hard to keep moving. Miles 1- 3 are always tough on me. It takes me to Mile 3 just to feel that my breathing and my body are finally in harmony together. And after a long layoff without running, just getting to Mile 3 is an accomplishment in itself!

But running with a jogging stroller is an even harder thing. The stroller itself is heavy, mine does not have a pivoting front wheel and Samantha is just adding weight to that sucker every day! I have read that running with a jogging stroller is the only way for a runner to get their upper body in shape without lifting weights. Since finding time to run is hard enough, lifting weights is not an option so on I go pushing the jogging stroller.

So today I decide to go for a run, the Columbus Marathon is in October and I want to take part! I am thinking I will run when my husband gets home later tonight because Samantha is taking her afternoon nap, but 5 minutes after coming in the door, those little blue eyes pop open and I have a baby in desperate need of sleep. So into the jogging stroller she goes! Within feet, she is asleep. Yes! So far mission accomplished!

I've got my tunes on, my favorite part of my jogging stroller by far is the ability to play my iPhone, and now comes the mind and body debate. How far should I run? My body says 2 miles, my mind knows I need at least 4. This battle will fight on as the run continues. So music on, mind telling me run mama run!, body telling me just stop!, and Samantha and I are off.

I am a mile in, at least I think, my jogging stroller only does kilometers, and I am dying. Jeesh! Who decides to run at the hottest time of the day?!?! Jeesh! Who decides to run after eating Burger King for lunch and not drinking enough water?!?!? And damn this stroller is heavy! I know I am not in that bad of shape so why can't I run 4 miles?? Tough it out lil mama!!

As I am making the turn about 2 miles from home, I start to hear this awful clicking sound. At this point, I look down and realize what is truly making this run so hard- NO AIR in the tires! What kind of person runs with no air in their tires? A true mama with a million things on her mind! And now I am 2 miles from home and knowing I need to run that 2 miles! So I make the turn and head home, pushing poor lil Samantha in her bouncy ride without enough air in the tires. How was she even able to sleep?!?!

And now you have read why I thought today would be a great day to start my blog! Nothing like starting off with a bang- or a flat I guess!!!

Check back to read about more running adventures! I am sure insanity as a running mama will certainly ensue!

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