Saturday, November 20, 2010

Confession time

Alright here it comes... I try to be something that i am not...

I try to be an organized individual. On the outside i might even pull it off... Sometimes. :-(

But my recent loss of my drivers license has set off a chain of events that has just basically pissed me off.

1. I go to the gym Wednesday and drop Samantha in the playroom. They take my ID. Good! Nobody better steal my baby! I go to pick her up, my hands are full, they give me Sam. They give me my ID. I swear I put it in my side pocket of my gym bag. I don't give it another thought.

2. I go to order a drink at dinner that night and stop myself. I know the ID never made it back in my wallet. I think, I have to get it when I get home.

3. 2 hours later I am sick and will be through Friday. Ray comes home sick. Never get ID another thought.

4. Go to Target Friday and realize it is gone. I am one of those people that writes See ID on my credit cards. I can't use them. Go home for a quick pickup. It's gone.

5. Realize I have to go to the BMV... Putting it off. I'll go Monday. Realize I am going to COSI with a friend today. I have to have ID to get in. CRAP!!!!

6. Resign my self to going to BMV today. Then I can't find my birth certificate. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Finally Ray finds it. So now as I stand in line, a line that I started outside in, I am making a resolution!!! When I get home, I am organizing, pitching and sticking with it. I am so annoyed with myself!!! I will not let Samantha know this about me and I will reorganize our lives!

I just hope it lasts longer than the last time I made this resolution.... ;-)

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