Saturday, December 25, 2010

what an astounding christmas!

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday today!

The Ray-Man, baby girl and I most certainly did!  Samantha woke up this morning not quite understanding what was going on, but the Christmas fever quickly got to her.  Her energy level shot up and then crashed hard for her morning nap.  I got her all dolled up for Grandma and Grandpa's with the most adorable bows and pigtails and that is when all hell started to break loose!  The child hates anything in her hair...  she cried and cried and cried until I reached back and took it all out...  Then the energy level skyrocketed!  She opened more gifts than she could possibly realize and promptly started to throw a fit about taking a nap.  Poor child, poor mama, poor extended family...  I am just starting to see what future Christmases and Birthdays may be like with her.  It does not look pretty...

Well for me it was quite a bountiful and astounding day!  I finally got the gift I have been asking for: A Kindle!  And it is already full for the upcoming trips thanks to a gift card from my in-laws.  (Any book suggestions would be greatly appreciated!)  I have only recently fell in love again with reading and find myself escaping to another world while baby girl is napping.  Reading is my true relaxation and I cannot wait to dive into all of the books I picked out!

The Ray-man also got me a great display for all of my running medals!  It is the Allied Medal Runner Girl display.  I absolutely love it and cannot wait to put it up above my jewelry box.  Hopefully it will be able to inspire the Ray-man as well...

Because in a completely unasked for gift, the Ray-man signed up to run the Indy Mini- Marathon with me! 

First, you have to know that the Ray-man is not a runner.  AT ALL.  He would love to just lift every day of his life and not do a single bit of cardio.  I once got him to run a 4 mile race on Thanksgiving Day and I thought he was going to kill me.

Second, the Ray-man is by nature lazy.  Sorry, but it is true.  And he knows it and he owns it.  While I am out running, he is playing video games and just relaxing.  For every go-go-go gene that I (and baby girl for that matter) have, the Ray-man has a stop-stop-stop gene.  He is easy going, easy to please and enjoys the comfort of his couch.

After the Thanksgiving Day run, I stopped asking him to run with me so this is a complete surprise!  He has a 1/2 marathon on his things while he is in his 30s list, but I honestly never thought he would do it!

I am 110% excited for him, 110% excited to train with him (I usually train by myself!) and 110% worried about him all at the same time!  I am hoping that this all goes well physically and emotionally for him and I am secretly hoping that he will fall in love with running and become my permanent training partner.

So what a great Christmas Day for our household and the next few days will be even more eventful as we journey to see my family.

Any suggestions for husband and wife training partners??  Any suggestions for easing into training with someone??  Any suggestions for how I can get the Ray-man to wear one of the Team Sparkle skirts with me during his inaugural 1/2 marathon????

Merry Christmas!!!

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