Tuesday, January 4, 2011

all mommy post today...

Last night I cried myself to sleep. 

NOT because of my day (which was highly productive and ended with a fantastic episode of Castle!).  But because of what I saw on the news after Castle. 

Last night a 3 month old little boy died here in Columbus. 

What caused this lil guy to pass away?  They don't know yet.  Maybe SIDS.  But thank goodness no reports of trauma to him!

A mama dropped her babe off at daycare and went to work to help make her babe's life a little better.  She only got 3 months with her lil man.  That's the part I just keep hearing in my head.  "She only got 3 months..."

Today, I feel incredibly lucky.  The Ray-man and I have worked out a system where I get to spend more time with him and baby girl than I ever thought possible.  Things are tight and will probably always be. And when I head back to full time work in the summer, I will be having culture shock I am sure!  But right now I get to spend time with baby girl.  I shove all of my non-working hours into 8 months and then work super duper hard for 4 months!  And I wouldn't change it. 

So far the Ray-man and I have gotten 15 wonderfully tiresome and adventurous months with baby girl.  At some point, we won't be all that she wants, so we need to suck up all that time now!  15 months could have easily been 3.  Just as 15 months could easily be 80 years.  We are lucky. 

SAHMs out there, don't take what you have for granted!  Suck up all that time with your babies and hold on tight!  It passes by sooo fast and I have found that sometimes mundane home tasks get in the way of me being a mama.  It is okay to turn off that vacuum and stop folding laundry and just play with your babies! 

Working mamas out there, you are doing an amazing thing to help make your babies life better! Hold on tight when you get home and remember just how lucky you are to have your babies and how lucky your babies are to have you!  You are showing them what it means to be a strong, confident mama in both home and work parts of the world and I commend you for that! 

I am hoping that this story turns out to be a true tragedy that was not inflicted on this baby by someone else.  I will be shedding more tears either way for this mama, her babe and their family.  And I hope she has someone by her side to help give her the strength to make it through this...

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