Friday, January 14, 2011

Frustrated Friday!

Today, I woke up slightly frustrated.  The Ray-man has decided to lose weight and eat healthy.  YAY for him!  So I did the same.  He lost like 5 pounds in 4 days.  I lost maybe .5 lbs!  No more YAY for him!  


This is frustrating!  I worked my booty off this week (I wish literally!).  I have done Jillian every day, ran 3 miles 4 out of 5 days and will be again doing it today.  I even did Yoga Meltdown on my non-run day!  That means working out 2 times a day all week and .5 stinking lbs!  IF I AM LUCKY!

Why oh why is this so hard???  I don't work out to lose weight usually.  I work out to make me feel good, but when I cut my calories and double up workouts and still don't lose weight, I get frustrated!  And then I binge on wine and chocolate....  ahh!  a vicious, vicious cycle!  

Its Friday!  I should by happy!  Lunch with a good friend today, an afternoon at the movies and dinner with the Ray-man tomorrow and only 12 more days until the Florida trip with my niece!  Instead, I am frustrated!!  

Freaking Frustrated Friday!
Please help me get out of this Funk!

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