Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Racing Bibfolio

I was recently mentioned on Just Trying For Little Girls Blog for giving her the idea of making her own bib-folio.  She did an awesome version of it by using a pre-made scrapbook.  I wanted to show you how I made mine.  It is easier than you think and takes about 10 mins.

Elmer's Bi Fold Foam Board, Markers, X-Acto Knife, Letters, Glue Spots, Ribbon, 2 Rings, 8 x 8 scrapbook page insert.
Step 1:  Use X-Acto knife to slice apart bi-fold foam board.  You can get this in black too, I believe, instead of white like mine. Decorate using markers (or stickers or paper).  I like my designs pretty simple but be as elaborate as you want!
 Step 2:  Place title on board using letters.  The letters I used are almost like a post-it note so I used the glue spots to secure them and make them 3-dimensional from the board. I put Run, you could put Tri, Bike, Fun, etc.  I then wrote in "my racing bibs" above it.

 Step 3: Using your X-Acto knife and page inserts, place holes in front and back of foam board.  This is not an exact science!  My book has a larger cover than actual inserts, but you could trim it down if you wanted.  I just did not feel the need!  :)  Insert rings through back and front covers and page inserts.
 Step 4: Knot ribbon on rings for some decorative flair!  :)  You cannot really tell in my picture.  Sorry!
All done!

 Step 5:  Fill with all of your racing memories and enjoy! 

Pretty simple and pretty inexpensive!  A great way to preserve and show off all that you have accomplished! 


  1. Love it! Yours turned out awesome, and way more creative than mine. I hope to see some other bloggers follow your lead, can't wait to see what they come up with.

  2. I may need to try making my own. I was looking online and they all seem so expensive! Thanks for the pictures of how to make one.

  3. just made my own..thanks for the idea!

  4. I am gonna let my kiddos make my husband one of these for Christmas. Saves a bunch of money! GREAT IDEA!! THANK YOU!!!