Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Looking for some motivation

I have just over a week until the big half marathon!  And I cannot get my booty to go on a run.  I need MUST do a 12 miler this weekend.  I will run tonight after my tennis lesson.  And it will be a 6 miler. 

I am really struggling here.  I have been coming up with some pretty lame excuses which is really not like me!  baby girl kept me up.  Its raining.  I am tired.  BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. 

It is just all around pathetic!

So fellow workout mamas here is my question to you:  when the world seems stacked against your workouts what do you do to get yourself out the door?!?!



  1. I am right there with you - teething should be the worst word in the English language. My motivation is that I am always a better mommy when I run, and on my long runs I pray for everyone and everything I can think of as I run. Makes the miles go fast and helps me refocus on who is really important, God...not me. LOL I am running Columbus that the one you are training for?????

  2. Hey! I just realized we're running the same race next weekend!!

    I'm doing the Indy half, flying out there Thursday to visit friends. I'll be running (or starting anyway) with my girlfriend's husband. He'll probably ditch me after a couple miles.

    Which corral are you in? I'm in E. Would be great to meet before if we're in the same corral!!

  3. I know exactly how you are feeling and you are not alone because I have been struggling too. Sometimes taking a break is okay - relax this week - you are going to rock your race because you are awesome! I believe in you!! :)