Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the good, the bad and the UGLY

well, it has been quite a few busy days... as in, no rain so I actually got to work!  :)  but I know that is not why you all are reading this post.  you are ready for the Indy Mini wrapup and anxious for the results of the contest right???

lets start with the good:
1.  nice weather!  from the moment we left on columbus on friday until right after the race (when it rained!) it was pretty nice weather.  not too hot, not too cold.
2.  got to see my pregnant friend at dinner who lives in the Indy area
3.  great hotel right by the start/ finish of the race (go crowne plaza union station!) that had some really neat features: an active train station, train cars converted into hotel rooms and a great view of Lucas Oil Stadium GO COLTS!
4.  got same great mother's day gifts at the expo along with my prizes for the contest
5.  woke up refreshed and ready to run!
6.  hit the brickyard on pace to run at 1:44 half!
7.  my third half marathon in 10 months and 18 months after having baby girl!
8.  got to run with newbie!!!!
9.  love my sparkle skirt!

ok, the bad:
1.  it rained at the end of the race.
2.  i totally underestimated how many people 35,000 is.  never felt like i got in a true rhythm.
3.  forgot my carb boom and did not like the gu that i had to supplement with
4.  had to use the restroom as i entered the speedway- i hate stopping for restroom breaks but have had to every time in my 3 half marathons in the last 10 months.  i guess it is a curse of carrying a child?  tips???

and now the ugly...
1.  as we headed to the gear check, i received a text from my sister who was also running that she was sick and was not going to run.  she had been up all night with the bad "runs."  (if this is tmi, sorry!)
2.  as i hit the speedway, my stomach started churning.  my legs felt great.  thought i could just stop and pee, but that was not meant to be.  after getting the bad "runs," i thought i could power through it and go go go!
3.  but as i headed into the 3rd turn and the feeling returned to my stomach i knew i was in trouble...

so here is what happened:
i headed into the 3rd turn on the track and felt that if i accelerated, i would thoroughly embarrass my self and end up dropping out of the race as a crying mess.  so i decided to do something i have never done, i slowed down and enjoyed the race.  i enjoyed running on the speedway and enjoyed crossing the brickyard and taking in the fact that i would never get to do it again probably.  (just too many people in this race for me!)  so i cried as i knew i would not reach my goal, but felt that i would live to run again so i was content.  not happy but content...  this was the only time i have ever said to myself, "well even if you slow down to a 10 minute pace, you will still finish in 2 hours."  at that point, i knew it was bad...

i thought about stopping and waiting for newbie and then running with him, but i feared that i would need to use the restroom again and hold him up.  and it turns out that was an awesome choice: not because i used the restroom again, but because newbie rocked his first half marathon with VERY minimal training in a great time.  

am i sad i did not make my goal of 1:50?  yes

am i happy that i plowed through it and finished?  yes.  this may be weird to hear but i am very proud of this race.  i finished when the elements were against me and i now know that i can beat 1:50 as long as my stomach does not get in the way!  i really want to do another half soon!

so here are the times:

REBECCA   1:55:06
NEWBIE     2:09:01

that makes MARCIA a winner for me and AMANDA a winner for newbie!  
(sorry EricaH, you posted after the race was already over...)  

so.... what do they win??????

1.  an indy mini-marathon hat
2.  new socks! feetures light no show with tab 
3.  running sticker (amanda can add it to her running journal!)

tomorrow, i will post pictures and more reflections on the race.  tonight, i sleep...

Marcia and Amanda, send me your addresses at so i can put your goodies in the mail!


  1. Great review and nice times! I enjoyed reading your post. I might have to look into this race too!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  2. I thought I already sent you my address and commented on this?? What is going on. Weird. Did you get my e-mail? I thought it was kind of long. bummer. :(

  3. At last I am here to congratulate you both on your race! I think watching the Indy 500 today reminded me of it. Woot for the win! : )