Sunday, June 26, 2011

cool or not cool?

this week was a long, long rough one.

my new camp started. 
it rained. 
i had to do it all over again wednesday. 
not cool.

we bought a new house. 
soon we will own two houses. 
not cool.

baby girl decided this would be a great week to get not 1, not even 2, but 3 new teeth.
this causes crying, drool and early mornings.
again, not cool.

but then daddy came home. 
very cool.

we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.
there was wine and steak involved.
a lot of wine.
very cool.

and baby girl got to head to the zoo.
with her buddies- bailey and grady.
very cool.

start of zoo day!

"i see!"

lunch?  why mama?  let us run!

chasing bailey

big hugs for my surrogate big sister

future husband?

so much fun!

hard work week.
not cool.

fun with friends at the zoo.
very, very cool.


  1. Love your pics. Getting teeth in is NO fun for baby or mama! :( Two houses...stressful. Hope you sell one. Is that what you will do? or rent?

  2. Beautiful pics - looks like a fun time!!! I am sorry to hear about the not cool - maybe this week will be a little less stressful? Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary - steak and wine sounds awesome! Have a great week this week. :)