Monday, September 5, 2011

before and afters: some return to normalcy!

home sweet home
As this process has gone on (and on and on) for our little family, we have come to realize it is the little things that make this place feel more like home.  We have grown in size in space and this post is all about making that new space fit for us and feel like home.  Check out all of our before and after pics as I start decorating our new house.  Right now we are in the using what we have mode and when I finally get up here full time, we will get to fill the house with some new items too.

Lots of projects coming up for all of our rooms and I cannot wait to share them with everyone!  (My mind is reeling with great ideas from Little Miss Momma and a few of my own as well.  Now if only all my crafting stuff was unpacked and ready to use!)

living room before

living room after

guest bath before

guest bath after
guest bath after

guest bedroom before

guest bedroom after
guest bedroom after

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  1. I love your changes!! Your living room especially!! Must feel great!!