Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday's Thanks

"Freedom is never free."

Today is Veteran's Day.  It seemed very sad to me that a high schooler yesterday told me that today is not a holiday because they do not get a day off.  Something is wrong here: are we failing as a society to teach today's generation that what they get to do every day, i.e. freedom of speech, is only because of those who have stood up for country and defended it? 

I mentioned on here a few months back a friend of our family who had her twins born at 23 weeks.  The baby girl passed but Patrick is finally home.  (Watch this: Patrick.)  Her husband is currently serving in Iraq and has been since right after they were born.  He has missed so much as Amanda has gone through this by herself.   What an amazing gift he is giving us as a country and today we should be celebrating him and thanking him and all those who serve.  

So today during my month of thanks,
I am thankful for people like Shannon Bibbee 
and all of the sacrifices they make so we can be free.

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