Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 2012

I am here and I am still alive! Sickness is running rampant right now through our household so we have been cooped up inside as baby girl tries to get over this.  It has allowed me to get a few runs in though!

As I sat down to do my New Years resolutions, I decided to do monthly goals instead.  January is about healthy eating, more movement and scrapbooking.  Newbie and I are still searching for a spring half marathon.  Thinking Nashville... suggestions?

January 2012:

1.  Run 4 days per week
2.  Jillian Yoga 10 times
3.  Fast food only 1 meal a week, if necessary!
4.  Scrapbook 1 time this month

I am enjoying the programs on my new treadmill.  They are getting me nice and sweaty and that is all I truly look for in a workout!  That's when I feel accomplishment!  

How do you conquer your resolutions?  Mini goals?  Head on?

Might have an opportunity to work from home this year.  Can any mom's out there send me some advice?  How do you devote time to work?  Babysitter come?  Work at weird hours?  

Happy 2012!


  1. I work from home and it def takes some discipline. You think about spending time with the kids, laundry, dishes, cleaning, but yet you need to put the hours in for work. Im sure you will get the hang of it. I don't have a sitter come, I just try and balance out the day. My kiddos are older than your baby though.

  2. Of course I'm biased but I think you guys should run Cap City with me... There's also the Derby Mini on April 28th. I knew lots of people that ran that one when I lived in Louisville and it always sounded like tons of fun. I was considering it this year but will have to be out of town that weekend.