Thursday, July 29, 2010

Running Trails with Sam: Adventure 1

Samantha and I have gotten bored with our traditional running route around the neighborhood so yesterday I decided to pack her up and head to the closest running trail. Loading the 27 lb jogging stroller into the Pilot was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be so I figured unloading would be a breeze and once we reached our destination, it was.

Running trails were made for jogging strollers! Most are a pretty straight trail and nice and smooth ride for the babes. But Sam and I don't always have the time to drive to a trail so I figured we would make it a weekly adventure and go some place new each week and then write about it!

Adventure 1: Heritage Rail Trail

This trail is located off of Main Street in Hilliard. I have run it numerous times by myself. The trailhead is right off of Main Street, but there is access from Leppert Road, Cosgray and Hayden Run. I always pick Main Street because it is the 0 point for the mile markers and that way I do not need my Garmin.

This trail is mostly used for cycling and you see alot of bikers when on it. The problem is once they pass you, it is usually just you again. It is quite a boring and lonely trail, but with Sam it was not too bad.

I have struggled with the out and backs on this trail by myself because I quickly get bored, but Samantha made it much more fun. She was wide awake for the first 2 miles and told me lots of stories, too bad I couldn't understand them! But I talked about the trees, the doggies walking by, the bunnies and birds. I think she was too! :) After mile 2, she was zonked out.

Miles 3 - 5 are tough ones and pushing that 27 lb stroller, now plus baby weight (18 lbs), makes them even harder! I did some research on jogging with stroller and now feel much better about the fact that I should be expected to run anywhere from 30 sec to a minute slower each mile. I was definitely doing that, if not slower sometimes. Samantha was taking her morning nap, as expected, but I just kept talking and singing to her like she was awake. It was all I could do to get through that run.

Heritage Rail Trail is a great straight run, smooth on the stroller and body, but not a lot going on to keep mama entertained. To be honest, not sure what I am looking for in way of entertainment. Maybe just changing scenery.

Samantha woke up as we got to the car and really had no opinion on the trail. I am sure she did like the smooth ride for her nap though.

Hmmm.... where to next?? Any suggestions??

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