Friday, September 17, 2010

i love fall running!

11 years ago I fell in love with fall running... gulp... 11 years ago I was a freshman in college?? ahh!!! :) but i digress...

11 years ago I fell in love with fall running. I would get up on saturday mornings and just hit the pavement in dayton. i would run for 1/2 hour or 2 hours depending on my mood. i had no idea where i was going or where i would end up. i headed towards the safest part of town, oakwood, with my cell phone, a bottle of water and my cd player. (haha cd player!) the air was cool, the breathing was easy and i felt like i could run for days.

today i fell in love with fall running all over again. there is just something about it. i was huffing and puffing along while i pushed the lil' munchkin, but yet i didn't feel tired. i felt relaxed and calm. i felt like i could run for days. i felt strong: physically and mentally. and the next thing i knew i had run 9 miles.

9 miles while pushing 50 pounds!

i didn't even realize it until this biker, who had passed me 3 times, pointed out that it had been over an hour and just how far was i running? i thought it had been 2 miles and here it was 1 hour 25 minutes after i started and i was finally headed back to the car.

maybe it was the beautiful scenery at glacier ridge, maybe it was the peacefulness of samantha being asleep. whatever it was, it made 9 miles seem like 2 and made me feel invincible for the upcoming columbus marathon.

let's just hope and pray that the weather on october 17 is just like today!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE fall running, too- you're so lucky to have the beautiful autumn colors. I miss that so much. Obviously, in Tampa we don't get those crisp red and orange leaves on our trees.