Tuesday, September 21, 2010

we all survived her first day of school!

Well... we all survived the first day of school for Samantha! Ha school! I act like she went off to kindergarten. She really went to Mom's Day Out at one of the local churches.

The picture on the far left is her "I'm not so sure about this" face. I had to wake her up from a 20 minute nap. The closer picture is her school outfit! Thanks Grandma Karen! I love vests and it was a cool enough day to wear one. (The heat is back on now. The second day of school is this Thursday and it is supposed to be 90 degrees!)

Samantha did great interacting with the other kids her age. Mama did not so great! I was slightly distraught when I left her. Here I am, leaving my baby girl to be a social being. I just want people to like her! I want her to make lots of friends and I would love if all of her friends were not all named Samantha! :)

See when Ray and I were debating names we threw quite a few around. Charlotte Susan (Charlie), Samantha Louise and Michaela Louise. Our sitter Lisa has a daughter Samantha and I was worried about having a common name. So Michaela it was! Until Ray got his heart set on Samantha. So we debated. It is a beautiful name, but also popular! And it is always popular. It is not trendy.

I loved the Samantha American Girl doll, so I was loving the name. But part of me was saying no... part of me worried about the popularity and apparently I should have been! Here Sam is 10 months old and at school.

There are 5 kids in the class, 4 girls and of course... 2 Samantha's!!!

AHHHH!!! That is 50% of the girls! AHHHH!!!!!

And they both go by Sam. OF COURSE!

Well we can't go back and change her name now, she is definitely a Samantha, but at least this way I will get the nickname I want...

"Sammye Lou!"

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  1. Awww, this post is sooo sweet. It's funny because the same "name" agony you and Ray went through Jason and I went through, also. Ella and Avery are actually really old names that made a resurgence. And I stay awake late at night worrying about those same things- I hope they make good friends and I want their social experiences to be pleasant and happy. I can't wait to hear all about Sam's first day.

    Oh, and she looks ADORABLE! I have a feeling that at the end of the "school" year she'll be voted "Best Dressed" for sure! I'm now on the look out for that cute little vest for my girls! I love that look- especially, with the little jeans.

    Thanks for posting Rebecca- I really enjoy reading about your daily trials and tribulations. I wonder if it's because I go through a lot of the same things you write about myself ;)!