Wednesday, September 29, 2010

the thrill of running and the agony of the feet (or in my case the back)...

as i sit here today typing this, i am trying to find a comfortable position.

should i sit up straighter?
should i slouch?
should i lean to the right to alleviate the left?
should i lean to the left?
or should i just stand up??

for the last 10 days, i have been having some back pain. it starts on my left side and will pretty much stay there until i start to run. then it slowly works its way down my left leg, through my once already injured knee and ends in my ankle. after about 13 miles, i start to walk to help alleviate the pain but then the pain decides to just sit in my booty. so then when i try to run again, my butt hurts!

so last week i did some really light runs until i was scheduled for my 20 miler. i felt good. i had taken it easy all week and was hoping that would help. i set off early saturday morning to get the run in before we headed to the zoo with the kerins family. it was a gorgeous day for a run! not too hot, not too cold. i ran a new route to break up the monotony.

i ran out to the new high school close to my house and was able to pretty much hit open road. not a car in site and the occasional runner hopped out there with me. i ran out to a friend's house (a BEAUTIFUL! house) and made the turn around to head towards the heritage rail trail. as i was headed towards the trail, something interesting happened. bikers were everywhere! it was interesting to be running against bikers who have to ride with traffic. new experience!

as i headed towards the trail, i knew i was in trouble. my back and knee were killing me! i felt great, other than that. i had plenty to drink, plenty to eat and i felt like if my body could hold up, i could run forever! (it is that whole love of fall running thing!) but as i came upon mile 13, i called ray to come pick me up. my heart just wasn't in finishing this thing, especially with the pain. ray, who earlier in the week referred to it as phantom back pain, told me to keep pushing. he was going to the grocery store and would meet me at the trail head in 30 minutes.

i found the trail and called him again. i was 2 miles away from the trailhead, which would put me at 16 for the day. i needed gatorade and a thermacare back wrap. the next 2 miles were a lot of walking, running, praying and disappointment.

this would be the 2nd marathon i attempted to do and injury kicked me out of! why was i stupid enough to think that after carrying samantha for 10 months and having a c-section that my core would be up for it?!?! why did i not do more core work?!?! DUMB! DUMB! DUMB!

and the kicker was how great i felt. i really felt like i could keep running of my body would just allow it! by the time i met ray i had decided that i was running the marathon. walking the zoo helped a ton and put the rest of life back in perspective for me!

the next week would be stretching and resting. that is where i am right now. in the midst of the rest week. and my back is still bothering me. sam is getting too big to lift and the lack of working out is killing me mentally! and not helping my waist! :)

i run because i like to eat. without running, i have to eat less and i really struggle with that!

patience is going to be my best friend the next few weeks. i will make it to marathon day. a half or full is the question...

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