Thursday, November 4, 2010

my daughter won't sit still!

i just saw it yesterday: a loving mama snuggling her baby girl up to her and the baby just seemingly melting in the mama's arms. it looked so sweet, so peaceful and so never gonna happen in my house.

it's true.

i just need to come out and say it: my daughter will not sit still!

no snuggler in my house. not a loving, sweet cuddling moment between mother and daughter to be found! not even a tender hug and kiss with a shoulder snuggle for her mama!

i would like to tell you that as her mobility increased this "snuggling" became a struggle. but it would be a lie. my daughter has the sweetest, happiest disposition, but she has never wanted to snuggle. EVER! you pick her up, she turns away and wants down. she wants to know what is going on in the world at all times and she cannot do that while wrapped in someone's arms!

i remember it clearly. we were at the hospital. ray had just changed a diaper and he was attempting to swaddle her back up. he looks at me, exasperated, and says, "i don't think i am doing this right." ok. not that hard to swaddle so i take a try at it. i get her all swaddled up. she looks at me and starts punching the blanket with her tiny little fists until her arms are out. once successful, she looks at me as if to say, "don't try that crap again. i want my arms free and no matter how tight you swaddle me, i am punching my way out. so don't even try!" i knew we were in trouble.

we never had a snuggle time as we nursed or i fed her with a bottle. we never had a snuggle time in the rocking chair. samantha is one big ball of constant motion!

my mother in law calls her "busy."

i call her "active."

i call myself "tired!"

does chasing after her wear me out? slightly. but would i change it? NOPE.

we got lucky. samantha is happy, active and here is the big word "independent." and i love that about her. i can already tell she is going to be a take the world at her fast pace kind of a gal. right now all i can do is try to keep up!

do i long for the days of snuggling? how can you miss something you never had?? but i still do envy you moms that got a snuggler. maybe you want to trade for just a half hour one day? you can chase samantha and i will sit in my comfy chair and hold your lil' one until their heart is content.

i will warn you though. at some point samantha will turn and look at you as if to say, "come on lady! you are slowing me down! i have places to go and trust me you are not stopping me!"

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  1. I couldn't have posted this any better. Norah has been a go-getter since birth, and even then, she was a month early and ready to go! I wish she had been snuggly. Although, I have to say, now that she can RUN, she brings books over to me, turns around and plops in my lap for a whole two minutes, just to read a few pages, then back up and at it! It does get better, I am told, as they get older. I hope so, I feel the same way. How can you miss what you never had? But I just want it for a minute! Thanks for posting, you were all up in my head on this one!