Wednesday, December 22, 2010

another busy day in december, another day of no running...

After another non-run day, I am sitting here looking for some motivation.  I am still feeling some effects of being sick Monday/ Tuesday and trying to jump right back into life.  I have every intention of going to the gym tomorrow and I am just hoping that I can make it in there.  I know next week is going to be tough to get the miles in with our holiday traveling, so I have to make that daily mile counter go up tomorrow and Friday!

Instead of running, the Ray-Man and I took baby girl to the Indianapolis Children's Museum and out to dinner with my friend Erin and her husband Greg.  I would call Greg a friend, but I sold him out tonight in an attempt to get Erin and Greg motivated to join me in the mini marathon in May in Indy...  not sure if it worked and Greg did not look pleased with me!  :)

He looked as about pleased as baby girl did with Santa!  She is such a lover of Santa when in line.  She even says, "Ho Ho Ho!" when you ask what Santa says, but get her close and it is all down hill...

Now this is by far my favorite museum ever and I know that we will be making lots more trips there.  I am hoping baby girl loves it as much as I do!  But sadly after the museum I came to the realization that going out to dinner with baby girl is a thing of the past.  It is no longer a pleasant experience and I certainly hope that after tonight, Erin and Greg still want to have kids!  (baby girl is having some potty issues...  that certainly does not help!)

If you are ever in Indianapolis, you have to check this place out!  Whether you have kids or not, the exhibits are phenomenal and there is certainly something there for everyone!

Here is to hoping I make it into the gym tomorrow!

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