Thursday, December 23, 2010

Three Things Thursday... aka Merry Christmas Adam!

1.  Merry Christmas Adam!  As in Adam came before Eve.  :)  The rush is on.  It is just over 24 hours until the big man makes his appearance so all of you better finish that shopping quick!  baby girl has no idea what any of this means.  She just senses the Ray-man and I are excited about something so I am sure that will help her enthusiasm Saturday morning.  Her stomach issues and appetite are still plaguing our house.  Hopefully it will all be moved through her system before the traveling begins!

2.  Made it to the gym today and was semi-disappointed with my run.  I got in a 4 miler.  I hate the treadmill... wait lets try that again... I LOOOOOOAAAATHE the treadmill.  I am really wishing it was 55 and sunny right now.  Remind me why I live in the Midwest??  Every step seemed so hard and they all seemed to wrench my stomach.  Still have not worked through my own stomach issues of the week.  Really wish I would have read this article before I hit the gym: TRY EASYI am going to start repeating "TRY EASY" every time it just feels like I cannot take another step on that damn treadmill this winter!  So basically every 2 minutes!  

3.  I have begun to contemplate my New Years Resolutions as 2011 quickly approaches.  They are not quite ready yet for posting but they are getting there.  I have my running resolutions, my mama/wife resolutions and the all just for me resolutions.  Anybody want to share some ideas?  Running is easy for me, the actual study of becoming a better runner is tough.  So what kind of resolutions can I make to help me be a faster, stronger and fitter runner?

Hope everyone is still in the Christmas mood!  :) 

Merry Christmas Adam!

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