Monday, December 13, 2010

Indy Mini- Marathon here I come!

My motivation is here!

I just signed up for the Mini-Marathon on May 7 in Indianapolis, IN. I am really excited about this one! I tried to get in last year, but got closed out by a week. It closed on Dec 14! So after I debated about 2011, I just signed up before I had an option out. So May 7 it is... The Indiana Motor Speedway and I have a date! (a double date actually with my sister Amy too!)

I am also thinking about doing the Cincinnati Heart 1/2 marathon in March. Much closer date and much better chance of surviving the winter without adding on extra weight. But I have a major fear about that one...

Yesterday on our way home from church, Ray and I spotted a guy out running. Weather was bad all across the midwest yesterday and Columbus was not an exception. So here was this guy out running in the blowing, freezing cold and I realized that could be me! I am a treadmill all the way kind of a gal in the winter (even with my treadmill pains of the past). And Ohio could very well see snow on the March 20th race day! AHHH! I HATE SNOW! I don't know if I could be that guy. So I am going to have to do some Farmers Almanac research and see if I can suffer through some long runs outside in the freezing cold...

Next year is a big year for me... the big 3-0!

I have been trying to figure out how to celebrate and have been thinking about my favorite things to do. I love NYC, tennis, running. Already did the US Open in 2009. So what better way to celebrate than the NYC marathon!!! I was debating the merits of running another marathon. I struggled with the training this past year, but even I can get excited about running NYC!

So if I can convince Ray, I am putting my name in the lottery. If I don't get in, I will be hitting everyone up for donations so that I can run for a charity. 30, NYC marathon, it is a must! (I think I have to earn over $2700 to run for a charity.... eek!) But if anyone out there sees any chances to bid for a guaranteed spot in the 2011 ING NYC Marathon please let me know!

Now here comes the fun part- the training... I am ready to try something new. I have found a few ways to train on Runners World. The Hanson Brothers plan is very appealing to me. Anyone out there tried it? Anyone have some great training tips? I am looking for food, vitamins, drink and actual running tips. And I would love some great strength training exercises for runners. Can you help??

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