Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ready to run, but too much crap to do!

Some great things about being a part time SAHM:

1. being with Samantha,
2. not having to get out of my sweats if i don't have to,
3. doing so much work around the house that I end up with not a lot of time to sit and snack so no major weight gains thus far.

Some not so great things:

1. doing so much work around the house so I don't make it to the gym while the daycare is available.
2. getting sidetracked by projects and never feeling like I got any of them done!
3. winter cold makes me not want to leave the house with the lil one.

After yesterdays proclamations of running the Indy half marathon and signing up for the NYC Marathon lottery, I was jazzed to get running!

I found my new training guide at hansons-running.com. I am really excited about this one! Less long miles but lots of strength and tempo runs. Those are the areas I really need to focus on to be a better and faster runner. So full effort there, if I can get my booty to the gym!

The cold was too much for Sammye so we stayed in all day. I didn't even get to the grocery store until almost 8 pm! So strike 1 for the gym this week.

And then disaster struck! At 1 pm our smoke/ CO2 alarms start going off. We start changing batteries. They are still going off and of course it is the one in Sam's room. Well, its winter. Heater is running, CO2 fears are high. So I send Ray out to the grocery store to get a new detector to plug in. Its 1:45 am. He comes home and the thing goes nuts! 400 level. EVACUATE.

We call the Fire Dept. Sam and I bundle up for the car with the doggies while they check the house. They find nothing! They even recalibrated their machines twice because ours was going nuts even when they were in here! So now we have a false alarm and a wide awake 13 month old. Ray was doing the cup hunt today for our area for McDonalds so Sam and I went along for the ride. 3- 6:30 am trying to sleep in the car. Worked for Sam, did not work for me and the pups...

Get home, Sam is still sleeping, Ray and I climb into bed and the day officially begins at 9 am when she wakes up. On the go since! Laundry, mopping floors because of the fireman's footprints from last night, feeding Sam, vaccuming and getting ready to take a trip up to Michigan on Thursday to help out my sister Melissa. Plus I teach today and I need to finish Christmas shopping!

Ugh... will I ever make it back into the gym?!?!?

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