Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Good Morning!

1.  After doing laundry and packing all of our stuff to head back home, baby girl decides to help.  Let me tell you she is the best little non-packer and trouble maker ever!  I put it in the suitcase, she pulled it out.  I folded, she unfolded.  I finally finished and came in to the computer room to read some blogs and baby girl decides to dump the full pencil sharpener on the ground.  Mama now has to vacuum.  Fun!  Fun!

2.  No run today and no intention of getting one in.  Lots of traveling to do today and then the unpacking and reorganizing of the house begins.  It will be the start of taking down Christmas decorations tonight.  Much to the Ray-man's dismay.  But a long run is definitely on the schedule for tomorrow!  Maybe a 6 miler on that dreaded gym treadmill.  Any tips to help pass the time?

3.  Loving my Kindle!!!!!  Best present by far for Christmas and cannot imagine what life was like beforehand.  What was your best present? 

On the way home, I will begin the list of resolutions for 2011...  fun!  fun!  :)

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