Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why I Run from A-Z

It makes me feel like a true ATHLETE.
It helps keep my BOOTY size down.
It is the best CARDIO I have ever done.
It improves my DIET because I think about how long I will have to run just to work that food/ drink off.
ENDORPHINS are quite helpful in making it through my day with a 13 month old.
Every time I run, I feel like if I could just run a little faster I might just take FLIGHT.
It satisfies the side of my brain that is completely GOAL oriented.
True HAPPINESS is felt after I have completed my run for the day.
It makes me feel INVINCIBLE!
In the warmer months, I get to push my JOGGING stroller. It is heavy and I have been known to curse at it, but I get in an upper body workout and my run all at the same time.
I can indulge my love for KATY Perry and no one has to know!
The LOOK that I get from people when I tell them that I have run 4 half marathons and 1 full marathon.
It is truly the only time in my day where it is all about ME.
NEW running shoes and clothes and accessories.
It gives me the OPPORTUNITY to explore my surroundings when I am on a trip or even just right here in Ohio.
It gives me time to put all of my daily struggles into PERSPECTIVE.
Some days you just need QUIET time.
I run for the RAY-MAN.
I run for SAMANTHA.
It is my TEMPER TAMER.  When I am really upset about something, a run will help stop me from saying all those things I really want to say.
The feeling of UNBELIEF when I realized I had run my PR at the 2010 Columbus 1/2 Marathon.
At the end of a race, I feel like I have VANQUISHED all of my fears and insecurities, even if it is just for that one day.
It helped take off all of that pesky baby WEIGHT.
It shows me and those around me just how amazing the X-Chromosome can be!
It makes me feel as YOUNG as the girls I coach.
What else would I do?  ZUMBA?  :)

Why do you run??

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