Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fever Friday nite???

Well I got that run in yesterday!  And it felt awesome!  A slow 3 miler on the treadmill so that I could lift some weights and use the Ray-man's favorite Ab Solo machine.  (Ever used the Ab Solo machine?  You throw medicine balls into this contraption and it shoots them back out.  I am not quite sure how guys use this one.  I was proud yesterday when I only had 1 medicine ball come flying out at me.  Usually it happens at least 3 times!)  That is the one problem when I get training for a race.  Lifting gets left behind because of the mileage I am trying to get in.  I hope to change that this time around!

After my workout, I headed home to the Ray-man and already snoozing Samantha.  But unfortunately not for long.  The fever that took over our FriDay, also took over my FriNite and early Saturday morn.  At 12:30 am, I made the decision that we were heading to the doctor.  The baby girl was warm and uncomfortable.  Her and I hit the pull out sofabed downstairs and watched her boyfriend, Handy Manny.  Finally at 3 am the baby girl blessed me with some sleep.

We got up this morning and headed to the doctor where of course baby girl had no fever, no earache, nothing!  :(  I hate when I make those appointments and that happens!  The Ray-man called it my piece of mind appointment.  It frustrates me because again it points out to me to trust my instincts and not overreact... first fever though I guess it could not be helped...

But while at the doctor's office I promoted my favorite piece of running equipment!  I had in my favorite pink headband and the nurse asked about it.  So of course I had to tell her all about my SWEATY BAND!  If you have not yet tried this headband you are missing out!  The club I teach at was selling them in the pro shop and I loved it!  When I headed to Cincy for the ATP, they had a booth.  (Cincy is where they are made.) I spent a small fortune, but would gladly do it again! 
Sweaty Bands | Inspiring Fitness
Viva Diva Super Skinny ~ Black

This one would match my team sparkle skirt!  It might just be my reward for the runcbus 10 miler in April.  Or maybe just because!  Check out Sweaty Bands.  I can run without my garmin and iPod but certainly not my Sweaty Band!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!  Only 1 more week until the big man in the red suit hits!



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