Monday, January 31, 2011

oh mr sun! sun! mr golden sun! please shine down on me!

 Let me just start by saying I have missed all my blogging buddies out there!  These past 5 days I was a chaperone for my niece Hannah and a few of her friends for their 6th grade trip to Orlando.  I LOVE DISNEY!  And I am a bad mama because I did not take baby girl. Baby girl had quite an eventful week with daddy that involved a 103.6 fever, having blood drawn and a nasty viral infection!  But I digress...  Hannah, her buddies and I had a whirlwind Orlando tripped that involved ALL the Disney parks and even Universal's Islands of Adventure.  We did all that we could do and then some!  And I will only go back in this week of January for the rest of my life.  The lack of lines was fantastic!  Below are a few trip highlights:
i love mickey!
me with my niece hannah on our first night!


platform 9 3/4

universal studios, check out that castle!
Harry Potter was amazing!  Like I said above, I am a HUGE Disney fan, but the real reason I wanted to go on this trip was the Harry Potter part.  I love literature and these are some of my favorite books.  When I read, I lose myself into the characters and the whole other world that is created.  Seeing Harry Potter's world in person was awesome!  I could have spent hours just staring at all of the details and I of course came home with my wand!  Now lets not forget this trip was all about the kids!  :)  

The weather was a little chilly the first few days but just seeing the wonderful sun and no snow was enough to put my into heaven.  I had the best of intentions to get an outdoor run in- clothes were packed, alarms got set, but man I was tired!  So I ended up taking off Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today.  EEK!  6 days!  But all of that walking I did has to count for something, right?? 

I have spent my time home snuggling and kissing my baby girl!  She just woke up from her nap, so back I go to that!  :)  Hope everyone had a great week and I cannot wait to catch up on everyone's blogs!

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