Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ahh! its february!

Whoa!  February snuck up on me quick!  

Baby girl and I are home for an ice day that really needs to be productive.  Lets see what all I can get done today!

1.  I am taking part in the Valentine's Day Exchange put together by Life by Melissa.  I am excited to get a present from someone other than hubby!  :) 

1.  Handmade gifts?  Love or hate?  LOVE
2.  Gift cards?  Love or tacky?  LOVE
3.  What type of theater do you frequent (like Cinemark, etc)?  RAVE
4.  Coffee?  addict, like, can't stand?  Starbucks, home, other?  Starbucks-aholic!
5.  Do you read?  Books you've been wanting to read?  Type of books you like?  I am a mystery fan, but would love to find some great running books to read.  My Kindle gets alot of use.
6.  3 Favorite running accessories Right now: my Kindle (treadmill running), towel and iPhone!  Warmer weather: my Garmin, iPhone and shorts.
7.  Kids?  Ages? 1 daughter, 15 months old today!
8.  Pets?  2 black labs
9.  3 things you can't leave home without diaper bag, iPhone, Kindle
10.  3 Favorite magazines.  Current subscription? Runners World, Creating Keepsakes, Oprah
11.  When you are in a running slump, what motivates you? the scale
12.  Complete the sentence, "My favorite thing about running/exercise is __________" the feeling of accomplishment afterwards
13.  Shoe size/t shirt size  Shoe: 7.5, Shirt Small
14.  3 Favorite Valentine's candies Not a big candy person.  I love reeses pb cups and snickers.

2.  I want to get started on my running books I picked up.  Baby girl had a rough night so I am also hoping to get a nap in this morning.  Won't happen if I pick up my Kindle.

3.  Need to get some actual work done this week.  Scheduling for my high school team, summer work schedule, etc.

4.  I guess I should unpack that big suitcase...  too bad it didn't bring sunshine back in it.  

5.  Must must must get that 5 miler in today.  Gym here I come!  (especially since I plan on making these cookies with my mickey mouse cookie cutter)

Well, I better get my booty moving!

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