Monday, January 10, 2011

teething sucks!

I did not have high hopes for today...

Last night I missed out on my run because the gym was already closed when I got done with work.  I realized that this would be a weekly problem so I have had to switch my training days to make Sunday an off day at least until the snow and cold goes away.  That meant a 3 miler today.  Not a problem...  until baby girl decided to work on another 1 year molar overnight.

I hate HHHHAAAAATTEEE teething. Up and down all night until finally we slept for 2 hours snuggled sitting up on the couch.  The day began way too early and baby girl took a short morning nap.  My run was looking to be doomed before it began...

After much fuss, we rebounded!  She slept for over 2 hours this afternoon and I vegged on the couch watching last weeks Mentalist and CSI.  Liked both!  Love any CSI that lets Stokes be a main character.  HOTTIE! 

We made it out the door to start searching for a new car seat for baby girl and I decided to pick up Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  (My tennis team girls say I remind them of her sometimes... not sure if this is a compliment or not...)  $9 at Target cannot be beat.   I did my first one tonight, sans weights on Level 1, and loved it.  I am excited for tomorrow and it got me warmed up for a kick ass 3 miler at the gym!

So a few questions for readers out there:

1.  As a running/working out mom, how do you get motivated when you have had long nights with the kids?  We are at the beginning of a long baby/toddler run in our house and I feel this will be a constant struggle...

2.  Have any of you done the 30 day Shred or any of Jillian Michaels other videos?  I am wondering if her Yoga is worth it.  I need some more flexibility!


  1. I am so excited to post comments for you now! yay! I love Jillian. I have her shred and her trouble zones workout. I like the Trouble Zones one but it is longer than the other one. And you're right...$9 at TArget is a sweet deal to get some awesome buns! :)

  2. Sorry can't help with the baby issues ;)
    But I have done the P90x yoga video, I must say it's the best out of all of them, and all runners should do some yoga, more so when they are older, but builds a good base.


  3. A few people I know have posted online about doing the 30DS - some have said the first day or so of each level is killer but then you get used to it and it gets easier to do. I'm tempted to get it and try it out this spring/summer just to get a jumpstart on losing some of this baby weight =D

  4. As I write, I am being attacked by my 19 month old teething toddler. The molar has a blister. Molars and teething should be the two biggest curse words in English. I am still running sleep- deprived. I write about it on my blog a ton because it is such a difficult issue. Basically, I run exhausted and after about mile 2 I feel great. I run tired but I used the FIRST training program of 3 days running, 2 xtraining to get my PR at the Columbus Marathon inspite of nursing my teething toddler. It can be done! You're doing great!!!!!