Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Recipe Recap!

Let's just say that this recipe did not go exactly as planned... and just when I thought I was getting halfway decent at cooking...

Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Pilaf
First, I am thinking I was being way too ambitious to try to 2 new recipes in one night.  Second, apparently my stainless steel pans are not properly seasoned (???) and the amount of smoke created in my house was ridiculous!

The recipes again come from Jessica Seinfeld's new book, Double Delicious, and seemed relatively easy.  I should have focused on one and then the other a different night.  :(

The rice pilaf was extremely easy to make and I love that it used brown rice.  It should have been delicious.  I am not sure what happened to this one actually...  I followed the instructions very closely, especially the part about not stirring after I put the lid on.  I just think I kept the heat up to high after the lid went on and consequently burned half of the rice.  The Ray-man would not even touch it!  :(  I ate it and crunchy but not bad.  Love that it used cauliflower puree!

I think I forgot to turn the heat down on the rice pilaf because I was distracted by the teriyaki sauce which was spewing all over my stove!  Her sauce was this beautiful orange brown color.  Mine not so much... 

I think I forgot to turn the heat down on the sauce because I was BURNING the chicken!  I put the oil in a nice hot pan, as stated in recipe, and then added the chicken.  This was where the chaos ensued!  Lets just say I had to open up the front door, back door, kitchen window and turn on the living room fan to get the smoke out...  I think I even lost sight of baby girl for awhile it was so thick.  So I am running around doing this, the sauce is spewing and the outside of the chicken is charred....  ugh! 

Once I got it back under control, the chicken went in the oven with the sauce and all seemed right.  If only I would have remembered the Rice Pilaf!

The chicken really was tasty.  I am going to try again tomorrow with just the chicken and plain brown rice.  That I can handle! 

teriyaki chicken, yummy??? 

really not to bad, poor rice pilaf!
The Ray-man has requested meatballs of some type this week.  Sweet and sour with egg noodles.  Hopefully it is uphill from here!!

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