Friday, January 7, 2011

yay its friday!

Things I Am Loving Today:

My Kindle:  I got to read and run today!  Made the time go by much faster on my 4 miler.  Even though baby girl was in the childcare having a rough morning... BTW, reading the last book in "The Girl With..." series.  I wish I would have read the other one last week and gone right into this one to help me remember all the players and how they fit...

My Finished Projects: A great bin to put some Valentine's Day treats in for baby girl that she can then use in her room and a bulletin board for her door!
finished projects from yesterday's supplies

i love elmer's painters pens!
just a few of my favorite baby girl pics!

Baby Girl's Healthy Eating Habits:  Found out today that baby girl loves fresh tomatoes!  Those with some scrambled eggs and she had a delicious breakfast, which made mama eat better too.  I am going to start letting her eating lead the way.  I try to serve her healthy, organic foods and I need to just stick with her on that diet.

Things I Want To Improve Today

My Vacuum: dog sitter used it to pick up slipper pieces (not his fault, I would have done the same!).  I guess I will be taking it apart to see if I can get them all out so it will start working again.

My Water Habits: must drink more water for running and for me.  This is such a no brainer but is soooo hard!

Variety To My Workouts:  Yes, I run.  Yes, I stretch.  Just found the Runners World Yoga Page.  Any great tips on where I should start?  I want to love yoga, but just haven't given it a full try.

Glad it is Friday!  Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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