Thursday, January 6, 2011

three things thursday!

 1.  Check out my new snazzy coffee cup I received for Christmas!  It was quite enjoyable drinking my coffee out of it this morning and I felt like part of the cool crowd when I walked into Starbucks and handed it over.  :)  (Thanks teenage tennis girls for attempting to make me cool.  I know I embarrass you all sometimes! )

2.  No running today, but got quite the workout attempting to vacuum my house with only attachments.  We have 2 labs and the hair is crazy.  Apparently my vacuum is revolting and when turned on, spits out dirt and hair instead of picking it up.  But the attachments still pick up...  will have to investigate tonight.

3.  I picked up some great supplies to start decorating the house with for Valentine's Day.  I have those and some thank you notes from baby girl to get working on.  Here is the before: (soon you shall see the after)
hmmm??  how should i combine it all??

Have a great Thursday everybody!  The weekend is almost here!

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