Friday, February 4, 2011

shouldn't i be saying, "yay! friday!" ?

Today is Friday!  Woohoo!  Right???  

Today had the potential to be a really great day...  its not over yet folks but...  I got to go out last night and catch up with some old friends- drink a beer, eat too much food- but it was waaaaay past my bedtime!  :)  SO when baby girl decided to grace me with a wake up at 6:30 am, I brought her into bed with me snuggled her and hoped she would fall back asleep.  And we did!  until 8 am!  WHAT?!?!  

Then things started to evaporate...  started the coffee, got going and every time I went back to it, it was cold...  ugh...  Then I started to make excuses to not go to the gym and run my much needed 6 miler.  I like to go either right at 9 when the childcare opens or at 11 after baby girl has napped.  We finally got out of the house around 9:45 am.  I went to pick up pet goodies at the vet and headed to the gym.  Baby girl fell asleep as I pulled into the parking lot.  Last time I tried to leave her like this, she cried the whole time...

Instead I pulled out my Kindle and started to read.  I figured I would let her nap until 11- a half hour.  I started to fall asleep myself.  This wasn't good...  She wakes up and into the gym we head.  Baby girl did great, mama not so much.  Treadmill running just plain sucks.  I started at a 10 min mile and started to up it every half mile.  I just never got in the groove.  I finished at a 9 min pace overall.  I know I will run faster outside, but I just cannot figure out how to do it inside!

We came home, ate some lunch and I attempted to put baby girl down for a nap.  She played in the swing while I started Jillian's Shred It, but then started to scream 10 minutes into my workout.  I never found my groove after that.  We just got done playing in her room for an hour, it is now a mess, she is finally asleep and I want to take a nap!  I have laundry to do, a dishwasher to unload and reload, a much needed shower to take and I am sure she will wake up right as I hit the pillow to sleep...

Oh well.  The life of a mama...  I will just keep forging on.  Maybe I will see if I can actually get some coffee in my system this afternoon.  

Or I might make a run for some root beer.  I think I am addicted........

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  1. I agree - outside running is so much easier to quick-step your pace! You remind me of my life not so long ago... hang in there, schedules get more flexible as they get older. My baby is almost 3 now, but I remember those attempted gym trips like yesterday!! LOL