Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three Things Thursday

The week is almost over and again I find myself at a loss as to what I actually got accomplished...

 1.  Just received my fantastic Valentine's Day exchange gift from a fellow runner/ blogger.  I was very excited when newbie brought the box in and I realized what it was!  Thanks Melissa for setting this up and thanks to Shelley from My Journey to Fit for this fantastic gift!  I better step up my game for my exchange gift!

2.  A lack of sleep this week because of teething/ ear infection/ this better not turn into croup for poor baby girl.  I hate when she is sick like this.  Her little cough sounds so miserable and I am a sucker for the "mama, mama, mama" cry even when newbie is up with her.  Because of this and just all around winter laziness, I have gotten 1 run in.  That's right folks, I said 1.  And I think I have tried to eat my weight in food these last few days as well!  So tonight I will run, tomorrow I will attempt to do my long run of 8 miles outside and Saturday will be an early run before heading to Dayton to watch the Flyers play bball.  They are not too good this season, but I am excited to head over there with newbie and baby girl.

3.  As a mama, I sometimes get stressed, frazzled and want to pull my hair out at the whining, crying etc by both baby girl and newbie.  :)  But as I watch a family friend go through a tough time today with her pregnancy, I am reminded at how lucky I am.  So many babies don't ever make it home and I am truly lucky to have my remarkable baby girl.  Please tonight say a little pray for our family friend who is really going to need them over the next few months. 


  1. I just ran across your blog Just trying is for little girls!!! I will say a prayer!! Hope all turns out good. Those of us who have healthy kids are so very lucky!

    I just started a blog,I'd love for you to ck it out and be a supporter!! The more people I have behind me the better!! I'm also your newest follower!!


  2. I hear ya! My kids have been sick too and it makes for one tired mama! My little guy = constant whining and crying these days. I want to rip my hair out. Makes me crazy. :)

  3. I'm so glad the package arrived! I've been wanting to comment ever since Melissa hooked me up with you, but didn't want to give away the secret valentine. Your daughter is so cute! Hope she is feeling better - it's tough on everyone when the kiddos are sick.

  4. I rec'd your package in the mail yesterday. Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!! Everything in it perfect!! :-)