Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day... Introducing Newbie!!!!

My two loves
Happy Valentine's Day!

In honor of Valentine's Day, I wanted to introduce everyone to Newbie! Baby girl and I are busy doing Valentine's Day projects, heart shaped cookies and heart shaped pizzas for dinner, so Newbie is writing today's post.  Help him out!  :)

Shoes Make the Man (or Woman)

Hi.  My name is Newbie.  As part of my attempt to run the Indy Mini I promised Rebecca I'd periodically appear as a guest contributor on her blog.  Here's my first go at it, be easy.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know I'm not a runner.  I enjoy chasing down a fly ball while playing softball, but that's much more sprint than endurance.  My sports need to involve some sort of ball, softball, golf, football- you name it.  Ever since I started training for the Indy Mini, I've been wondering when my Nike Air Max 360's will give out.  I love Nike and I love running shoes period.  Just ask Rebecca, my slimmed down collection sits around 15 (ridiculous I know).  But Nike has a pretty mixed reputation when it comes to endurance running.  I know when it comes time to pick my new shoes I'll struggle not going with Nike (and I still might).  I love their look, color schemes and have been an Air Max fan since high school.  To help me with that decision, I thought I might elicit the help of some running shoe experts- you.  I'd love to hear about your favorite running shoes and why you like them.  And if you feel like going an extra step I'm all ears for thoughts on socks and insoles.  Anything that can help this "newbie" is appreciated.  Happy running.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!! Can't wait to see what the outcome of the running shoe is. I'm a Nike girl at heart but am on the market for finding some good running shoes.....I have no clue what the best one for me is. I have done research and it just made it that more confusing....

  2. I swear by Asics. Went to Front Runner and those were the ones recommended to me. I used to buy running shoes (mainly adidas) at any old store, like Famous Footwear or Kohl's, but now that I do half marathons I will only by my shoes from a specialty store and am willing to drop the cash for them.

  3. newbie did not ask my opinion before he posted this... :) but i enjoy mizuno. i just bought a pair actually! :)

  4. Newbie...I am an Asics gal. They are the best, for me! What you need to do is find a store like "Road Runner Sports" or something and go and do the running trial. They will (for free) watch you run and analyze your stride. The best quality shoes won't do you any good if you aren't wearing ones that are right for your feet. Maybe you love Nike so much because they actually are the shoes for you! (maybe not...)

  5. Katie runs cross country and she was put in a Saucony. I agree with Sarah above that the best thing is to go to a store that will let you run in them and custom analyze them. Here in South Bend we have Metro Run and Walk on Grape Rd. They took Katie outside and had her run.