Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ode to Tuesday's Run

Ahhh... Tuesday.
Just another running day.
Follow up to a half-hearted Monday workout.
Has the potential to be disastrous.

But Tuesday, you surprised me.
With you came warmer weather.
Ahhh.... The Sun.
The promise of an Outdoor Run.

A new water bottle to run with.
A new pair of shoes to break in.

A break in the snow and cold.
4 Miles here we come.

Jogging stroller ready with fresh pumped tires.
Baby Girl ready with blanket, warm coat, hat and gloves.
I'm ready- wait. I forgot my gloves.
Wait.  I forgot my warm compression tights.
Oh well... we are off.

Half a mile down, big puddle in our way.
Do we stop or do we go?
We forge through.

My new shoes are wet.
My socks are wet.
This is becoming disastrous.
We have to run through that puddle on the way back.

We forge through. 
I run. run. run.
Baby girl sleeps.

Baby girl misses all the "dogs."
I tell her about them even though she is asleep.
The sun is gone.
My joy for running outside diminished.

We approach the end.
We are finished.
I sweat and pant.

Baby girl sleeps.


  1. love this! good for you for forging through, and then making it all sound cool through creative poetry!

  2. how sweet!! Love the pic. Good job pulling through.