Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Morning All!  (yellow for the sun I saw today!!!)

1.  I have so far hit every single training run of the week!  :)  Today a 10 miler is on schedule and the jogging stroller is packed in the car so that baby girl and I can get it done after her school day.  I am feeling re-energized about running after a very disastrous start to the week.  I think the weather is definitely helping my mood.  It is supposed to be 62 degrees today!  

I have a few training questions for everyone:

I am trying to run an 8 min mile pace for my half marathon in Indy, what is a good time target for my speed work runs?

When I do my tempo runs should I be hitting 8 mins on every mile or is it an overall 8 min pace?

My long runs should be 30 - 45 seconds slower, correct?

This is my first attempt at speed work and tempo running so please help fellow runners!!

2.  Newbie is injured.  (I think it is his Nikes.  ;-) )  He is experiencing pain on the outside of his left foot.  He could barely walk on it this week, but it is feeling better today.  He is taking the whole week off and then I am supposed to run with him to help look at his stride.  Apparently, I qualify as his expert.  Uh oh!  He is in trouble!

3.  My friend (sko dawg) who was having trouble getting past a mental block signed up for the Chicago Marathon.  It will be her first!  She is going to do awesome!  She has kicked booty the last year in her running and weight loss and this marathon will be an awesome cap to it all.  I think she should blog about it.  (Come on Sko!  You can do it!  What else do you have to do all day??  Oh thats right.  That pesky lawyer job!  :-) )  Send her some encouragement!!

P.S.  Please say a little prayer for our family friends today.  We got some devastating news yesterday and their family is going to need all of the prayers and positive energy we can send them during this awful time. 

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  1. Positive thoughts for your friends. Hope all is well.