Friday, February 18, 2011

What did Thursdays run teach me??

I learned quite a bit on my run Thursday!  It was a 10 miler that I was attempting to do pushing the jogging stroller.  My longest run ever with the stroller!  

I had a plan going into the day.  I would drop baby girl off at school, head to work, drive back to her school run 5 by myself and then pick her up and run 5 more pushing her.  Great plan right?

Well... I forgot my snacks to eat on the way to her school.  I forgot to fill up my water bottle at work.  So I stopped at Target and picked up a protein bar and a bottled water which means I could run nothing before I picked baby girl up.  

So I went and got her early from school and decided to run the Heritage Rail Trail by my house.  I love this trail!  It is flat and pretty safe.  Lots of bikers come whizzing by so I never feel completely alone.  But I forgot that part of the trail is not protected by trees or houses.

I decided to put no pressure on time because I was pushing 50 lbs on a 10 mile run!  I was feeling really great going out the 5 miles.  I am running right around 9 min miles and pretty happy...  until I had the awful realization that I was running with the wind's help and that I would have to run back into that wind!  Ugh.  Miles 3.5- 7 were not protected by trees.  Just flat farm land around me.  Oh S**t!

I make the turn around.  Bikers are whizzing past me, putting their heads down and just pedaling faster.  I envy them.  I am pushing and pushing and feeling like I am not going anywhere!  I start stopping every few minutes to just catch my breathe and regroup.  

I was feeling like a failure.  

I was feeling like a bad mama for taking baby girl out in the wind.  Ear infection here we come...

baby girl during our adventurous run!
I decided to put my jacket over the jogging stroller to help her out.  She was dead to the world so had no clue as to the war that was raging on between her mama and the wind.  She was in her own little warm and wind free cocoon.  That made me feel like a better mama.  

I texted newbie and told him of the situation.  I could imagine him sitting at work in a completely wind free environment, laughing at me.  It didn't make me feel better.  Thank goodness he works 35 mins away.  I contemplated stopping and making him come get us!  ;-)

The 14 mph wind (I looked it up!) kept raging on.  I could feel the finish though.  I finally found a mantra that worked!  (Check out Amanda's post on Mantras.)  

"It is going to feel so good to put these 10 miles on my 1000 mile spreadsheet!"   

Thanks Tall Mom!

And it sure did!  When we finally got back to the car, the 10 miles had been completed in under a 10 min pace.  Great considering all that had worked against me!  Baby girl woke up from her nap, refreshed and oblivious to what had just transpired.  And I had completely earned my tater tots and wine at Bar Louie during newbie's work happy hour.  

So what did this run teach me?  

Check the wind on the forecast, not just the temp!

Do not leave the house without mama fuel!

I am stronger than I think!


  1. Oh no! I did the same thing on Wednesday after work....but without the extra weight of a stroller. You rock!!!!

  2. Great job!!! Your post put a smile on my face....I just posted about my struggles and not running or hitting the gym since Tues....I think you have helped me out of my slump!!! I need to add more miles on my widget!! Love your blog