Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 Things Thursday... St Patty's Day Edition!

1.  Happy St Patrick's Day!  It is the only day I can wear my Notre Dame (GO IRISH!) sweatshirt here in Buckeye country without a hard time from anyone.  So I proudly do!  I went to put on baby girl's green dress, stood her up and realized it was a little LOT short so leggings were quickly added!  I couldn't have her showing off her diaper booty to all the other babies at school!  And lets not even talk about those white legs of hers...

2.  I have a 16 month old child who will NOT nap.  She went all morning without one and is now throwing a fit in her crib.  I blame the sun.  I can't nap with this nice weather either!  I give it 5 more minutes and then we head to the park!  ;-)

3.  12 MILER on tap today instead of GREEN BEER for this Running Mama.  6 pushing baby girl, meeting up with newbie for 2 and then finishing up the last 4 by myself.  I am feeling oddly optimistic about this run.   It is my first one since the family run.  Last night, I chose to take baby girl on a walk with newbie instead of run.  It was so worth it!  

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  1. Hope your run went good today!! 12 miles is alot...I hope to get there one day and actually look forward to it.