Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family 4 miler!

Yesterday was out first run EVER as a family!  It was also first run of newbie and I together.  I really think baby girl enjoyed it.

Baby girl and I had 6 miles on our list to run yesterday.  But she is a toddler which means when she wants to eat, we eat.  So we did not get out there 20 minutes early to do 2 miles before newbie met us.  It ended up better because we could actually all ride to the trail together!  She seemed to have this sense that something was going on but could not quite figure it out.  

We got to the trail and I pulled out the jogging stroller and various needed items- water, garmin, blanket, etc.  Baby girl eyed us suspiciously...  As I strapped her in, newbie went ahead to stretch a little.  As baby girl and I made our way towards him, she finally understood.  Daddy was running with us!  She let out this huge, "DADDY!" squealed and clapped her hands.  I definitely think she enjoyed this!

Just a basic 4 mile run.  9:08 pace.  It was nice to have someone to talk to.  Newbie did not agree (he said he was running too hard to breathe...) but I loved having someone that talked back in full sentences!  :)  Newbie walked a little at the half way, turn around point so baby girl and I ran out and back an extra half mile.  Of course, it was the non-protected part of the trail and we were running into the wind.  But newbie got a big squeal again as we neared him! 

I struggled pushing the stroller.  Newbie offered to push for a few minutes.  1.  I felt naked without the stroller to push.  2.  He will never offer that again.  Within seconds the comment was, "How do you push that thing the whole time?  Its 50 lbs!"  His pushing lasted for about half a mile.  But I greatly appreciated that half a mile.

We finished the run, stretched and chatted about the rest of our day.  I LOVED having someone to run with.  I wish I could find a running buddy on a similar crazy schedule to run with me regularly.  I might even get my booty up to do a morning group run Saturday, I enjoyed it so much!

All in all, our FAMILY run was a GREAT experience.  I am hoping newbie will do it again with us soon!  He is going to do fantastic at our upcoming races and might even catch the running bug...

totally should have been with him and her in the stroller... but i forgot until after she was unloaded...

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