Monday, March 28, 2011

monday, monday, monday

"it's just another manic monday... oh, oh, i wish it were a sunday... oh, oh, cause that's my fun day..."

alright, i cannot tell a lie.  
it has not been a manic monday.
it has been an unproductive monday.

i started out with a nice cup of coffee while baby girl slept in (until 745 am).
i did laundry.
i folded some.
i hung up some.
i even put some away.

i started the dishwasher.
i cleaned out the crock pot.
i fed baby girl.

and then baby girl took a nap. 
a nice long nap.
productivity for mama went down.
waaaaay down.

i found the blind side on hbo.
am i the only one in america to just now see that movie?

i cried my way through it.
i wish tim mcgraw was my husband.
i wish i was best friends with sandra bullock.
newbie would loooooooove that.

i fed baby girl again.

we watched diary of a wimpy kid.

she fell back asleep.

i've done nothing since.

must get bbq chicken pizza made for dinner.
must empty dishwasher.
must start cleaning the house.
must go for a run.





1 comment:

  1. YOu did not just break out Maniac Monday!! haha...Love it! Your to funny. Gosh, sounds like we had the same kinda day except I didn't have a little one around to feed. I just feel like I didn't get anything done. I guess for a Monday, that's alright!