Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursdays Three Recaps

Another week is headed out the door... I would love if this week took the cold weather with it!

1.  Today's Run Recap
  • 6.5 Miles
  • 58:03
  • 8:53 average  (4 pretty good paced miles around 8:30s with a .5 mile cool down)

Today is March 31st, tomorrow starts April, next Monday I start teaching tennis outside and yet this is what my run looked like today:

beautiful right?

such beauty... in JANUARY!

barn that sits just off trail

pond right before my turn around

all done!

I hate snow!  But today, I was actually a sucker for it.  Glacier Ridge looked beautiful... it would have been better if it was November!  ;-)  (btw, if you own an iPhone and do not have instagram, you are missing out big time!  Free app that does great things for photos!  Same with Photoshop Express.)

2.  March's Runs Recap

This month has been tough on me.  I have had a very hard time getting motivated to get out there and get my runs in.  This month may be my downfall for my goal 1:50 half in May.  Only time will tell.

  • Distance: 70.3 miles (signed up for 93 mile challenge by Tall Mom but it was not to be, was my most mileage for year though!)
  • Time: 10 hours 22 minutes
  • Overall Pace: 9:30

  • 3 Miles under 8 mins! (even under 7:40!)  
  • 2 10 milers under my belt
  • 1 12 miler done
3.  Baby Girl Recap

Well, my baby girl will be 17 months tomorrow.  It has gone by so fast.  March was a slow work month for me, so we got to spend lots of time together.  This is much appreciated because next week starts a busy few months for me and I will probably be headed back towards a more full work schedule in the fall.  The stay at home era will soon be over. 

I leave you on this cold Thursday with this:

ready for sun!  check out that gut and those thighs!


  1. Great job on your run!! Oh please, I'm right there with you....April bring on the nice weather! OMG, how come I could'nt look that cute with them thighs and belly!! Makes you want to "pinch" em!!

  2. I love the snow...but am glad to see green grass and blue skies again!!! :-)

    That red suit is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!