Monday, April 4, 2011

Goals for the Week

This week marks the start of summer tennis/ working season for me.  I am much better at getting lots of things accomplished when I am up and moving so I am making an interesting goal this week.  

1.  Get up at 6 am every morning.  I do not like to stay up late typically and this would give me time to get a run in before newbie heads off to work.  My sister is also here this week visiting with her boys and they like to snooze.  I can get my run in before they get up!  

2.  I need to get back on the Jillian Michaels train!  So 5 days this week of Jillian training.  It is a must!

3.  Think carefully about everything that goes into my mouth.  No more finishing baby girl's meals!  And try to drink at least 64 oz of water a day.  

4.  Run 4 days this week.  Light and easy.  10 mile Race day Sunday.  

I am super excited for this weekend.  Baby girl and I picked up the race packets for the runcbus 10 miler this weekend.  Newbie and I are running it.  We got these sweet New Balance running jackets with our $40 entry fee.  I will post a pic tomorrow.  That alone made me excited to run!  I love getting stuff!  I am hoping to save up some cash this month to take with me to the Indy Mini- Marathon expo.  Did I mention I love new gear??????

What are your plans this week??


  1. My plans for this week is to RECOVER! My half marathon has me feeling a little sore! Great weekly goals!

  2. Jessie, great job on your race! I have a sister in Holt , Mi!

  3. Running jackets with entry. How awesome! Can't wait to hear how it went!

    I need to get back down into the gym area in my basement and get it going again. (I've been cleaning out all the clothes from my closet that are too big....which, while that's a good thing, now there are piles of clothes on the floor, in my way. It's been an excuse to avoid Jillian for far too long.) :-)