Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 Thursday

Well, it has been another busy week.  It is amazing how quickly blogging can become an every day thing for you and then how quickly it can stop.  Work is picking up with the weather so that means less time on the computer and more time outside.  I know... rough life, right??

1.  I got a run in today.  5 slow miles.  My pace is dragging and the race is coming up fast.  I ran such a great 10 miler, I am hoping that my half is not just a total wash.  The allergies are just killing me, mentally and physically.  I feel like my springs and falls are spent in a haze here in Central Ohio.  I cannot see straight.  I cannot focus and even non-drowsy allergy medicine makes me want to crawl into bed...I have 1 more 12- miler on tap before the race so I am hoping the fog lifts at some point next week... if only for 2 hours!

2.  I feel like I have been anxiously awaiting Easter.  I really feel like that is the true sign of spring and it is just so late this year... And then shwa- BAM it is here!  The week has gone by fast and tomorrow we are packing up to head to Indiana to visit my family.  baby girl has been practicing "papa" and "susie."  The Grandma that goes before that is just too tough still!  I have not seen my rents in awhile so it will be good to head up there and spend some time with them.  I hope to get a run in tomorrow and Saturday as well. 

3.  This one is all about newbie.  :-)  He has had an eventful spring: ran his first 10 miler and.........  wait for it........ was awarded........ BEST IN SHOW for the Ohio chapter of the PRISM awards! This is for one of his McDonald's cup hunts that had him driving around Ohio all night, but apparently it was worth it.  This is the first time in 3 years his company has one best in show and newbie is one PROUD guy!  GREAT JOB RAY!  baby girl and I are proud!

I hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER!

How do you spend Easter?

What's your favorite Easter Candy? 
I am addicted to Starburst jelly beans and of course...Reese's PB eggs!

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  1. I m sooooo wt you on the jelly beans!!! My favs too!!

    I envy yor job--teaching tennis in beauiful weahr!!!