Monday, April 11, 2011

runcbus 10 miler race recap and this week's plan

what an interesting race day it was!  newbie and i were scheduled to run a 10 miler through gahanna on sunday and apparently nobody told baby girl.  she decided that she wanted to be awake and tempermental for 2 hours in the middle of the night... oh yay!  ;-)

here are the facts:
1.  10 mile race around Gahanna, OH
2.  Gahanna, OH, is hilly.
3.  baby girl cut our sleep to about 5 hours the night before.
4.  newbie and i worked on our backyard the day before (carrying 100 large stones back and forth 3 X)

newbie before his first double digit race!
these facts= bad race time right??


My numbers:
1: 8:37           downhill start
2: 8:20          still downhill
3: 8:42          first series of hills
4: 8:19          
5: 8:24
6: 8:41          dying for a carb boom and some water, more hills
7: 8:27          water and carb boom stop!
8: 8:16          and i am off!
9: 8:02
10: 7:38

RACE TIME: 1:23:19 
course was .1 miles too long according to the old, trusty garmin and i crossed the line at 1:24:40 on their clock

Newbie crossed at 1:40 and was about a minute back from the start, so we are giving him 1:39  ;-)

newbie and i after!
newbie after!
me after, i had already dropped my sparkle skirt at car!

things i learned from this race:
1.  always drive out the race course
2.  hills suck, but the faster you run up them the sooner they are done!
3.  my sparkle skirt rocked!  (thanks to the ladies at mile 2 that declared my outfit their favorite of the race!)

4.  no hills would have = newbie and i rocking this race!
5.  we are both ready for the half in indy, but i want to do more speedwork
6.  carb boom is most definitely my friend
7.  uphill finishes BLOW!

the subway sandwiches after rocked and newbie declared it eat anything he wanted day so after i worked sunday afternoon/ evening we celebrated with chipotle and margaritas!  yes, after running 10 miles sunday morning i went and taught tennis for 3.5 hours, why?  because i am stupid!  i will not be working the day after the indy mini, that is for sure!

This Week's Plan:
1.  Jillian's Shred It 5 days
2.  Running 4 days, including a 12 miler at some point
3.  stop eating so much!  :-)

how did everyone's races go this weekend?
what are your plans this week?
tell me thoughts on disney world.  thinking of running cbus marathon instead of nyc and taking baby girl to disney world instead.  she will be 2, but looooooves mickey.  worth it?


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  1. the race course might not have been .1 miles to long it might just have been you running from side to side a bit on the course. Like using the inside vs. the outside "lanes".....

    At least that is what my bro-in-law told me when I raced with a garmin and said the same thing!