Wednesday, May 25, 2011

looking for a little wednesday wisdom

so let me clarify something out there peeps:

i am VERY excited to move.  newbie has gotten an amazing job opportunity and i could not be happier for him. 

i am NOT excited about the next 5 months.  completely my choice to stay and coach my first graduating class for my high school team and i am not regretting that.  i am dreading the getting the house ready to move/ sell junk, the searching for a new house/ new city to live in junk and the if baby girl wakes up in the middle of the night, it is only me to go get her junk. 

here is how i am viewing the next 5 months:

no pain, no gain.

5 months of fast paced craziness for years of family togetherness. 

but now here is my search for wednesday wisdom:

i am not going to train for any races/ triathlons, but i am looking for some workouts to do here at home in the mornings and after work when baby girl is already asleep. 

i LOVE jillian, but i need some variety.

so what do you all suggest?  is p90x worth every penny?  what other great videos out there?

blog buddies, please impart your wisdom. 


  1. I have done part of both p90x and Insanity. They're GREAT and you will see results really fast (especially with p90x - Insanity is pure cardio and you'll keep up/build endurance more than anything else) BUT they take up a LOT of your time if you follow them how they're supposed to be done. The work outs are really good, and the p90x power yoga is still one of my favorites.

    But then you're stuck indoors (unless you have a tv/dvd outside or have memorized the workouts)

    p90x would be good to mix in with Jillian (its really a lot of the same moves, just different intensities and in different variations) but if you don't have a good set up for a pull up bar and weights, its a little tough to to. Try to find someone who can make a copy or let you borrow theirs so you can try it!

    Good luck!

  2. I haven't done it but have heard from LOTS of people that P90X is totally awesome and worth it for sure. I've considered getting it but the time makes me hesitate. I know right now that I am not committed to the hour every day and it is a lot of money if you aren't.....

    good luck and I'm excited for you!