Tuesday, May 24, 2011

what was that? a run??

today is tuesday.

today is a work day.

today started at 6 am with baby girl.

but today i got in a run!

it has been 2 weeks since my indy race and illness.  life got moving very quickly after that and i feared my running was going to go bye bye.  i lost a few (4.5) pounds from being sick and the stress of newbie's job/ our moving situation.  i feared it was muscle.

but today i got to go on a run!  i strapped baby girl in the stroller, put the ipod on and off we went.  for 3 miles.  that felt like 33.  not really. 

it had just been a while since i
A. had run and
B. had pushed the jogging stroller. 

it was a 3 miler around our neighborhood, which means a 1 mile loop 3x.  the rain from the past few days was not allowing me to go through the woods to the other path so i just ran the neighborhood and baby girl waved and said hi to every dog, cat, kid, person, and duck we encountered.

she loved it. 

i loved it.

today is a good day.

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