Monday, May 23, 2011

putting my plans on hold...

well, i had made some big plans on how i want to celebrate my 30th birthday- workout style!

a triathlon on august 7, 3 days before the big day, and the columbus marathon. 

but life has now gotten in the way...

newbie has taken a new job about 1.5 hours away.  he starts very soon and leaves me here with an 18 month old and a full tennis teaching schedule for the summer.  the next 5 months are going to be quite busy which will leave very little training time available.  i hope to get as many runs in as i can pushing baby girl in the stroller, but concentrated training will just have to wait. so no triathlon for me but i am still holding out hope for the columbus marathon.  as my teaching days get shorter towards september and october, i might just be able to squeeze it in.  but only time will tell... and it means my days here in the columbus area are numbered...

it has been a great 8 years here in cbus that has seen my first "real" job, my first apartment, getting married, our first house, the acquiring of our puppy babies and the birth of baby girl.  time sure does move fast and soon i will be saying goodbye convenience of a big city, hello middle of nowhere!  :-)  but it is all for the best of this little family. 

let's just hope the next 5 months are fast and full of sunshine!


  1. But just think... the "middle of nowhere" usually has great long stretches to bike and run :) Maybe you can hop in someones pool for the swim part ;) Good luck to you guys!

  2. where is the new job? Ohio? Indiana? where is "middle of nowhere"??

  3. Kelly Boggs LapeMay 25, 2011 at 12:14 AM

    First, congrats to your hubby! Second, I think it's quite noble of you to be so flexible and put your family's needs ahead of your own. As you say, you'll still reach your goals, just with a different time table. Someone once told me, you can have it just can't have it all at the same time. Best of luck!