Thursday, June 2, 2011

just checkin' in

as our lil' family gets ready to embark on its new adventure, we are busy scrambling around the house to get things done.  and let's not forget the endless phone calls, appointments and the mile long to do list that needs to be conquered before we walk out the door friday!

this week started a getting fuller work schedule for me so the posts will be coming now few and far between.  next week begins the "girl power 2011 adventure."  i have 3 tennis camps over the next two weeks plus my normal tennis teaching gig hitting full steam.  thanks to an understanding baby sitter and her active two year old, baby girl will be just as busy! 

and lets not forget the biggest tennis camp of my life that starts on june 20...

121 kids (yes! 121!) under the age of 12 will be descending upon a local high school to learn how to play tennis...  ALL AT ONE TIME! 

am i nuts?  YEP!

am i crazy?  YEP!

is this the kind of stuff i live for?  YEP!

lets not forget that every kid gets a box of goodies with a racquet, team t-shirt, water bottle, squishy tennis ball, stickers, etc that all has to be organized by kid, by team, by court!

don't forget i have to get 20 junior staffers trained and ready as well!

will it be chaos?  YEP!

will it be organized chaos?  I HOPE SO!

if you have a kid under the age of 10 in your house, check out this: 10 and under tennis!  it is a great, easy way to learn tennis and so much fun!

hope you all have a great week/ weekend!  the family and i are headed to house hunt and enjoy eachother so lots of pics to come next week!

p.s.  i did not get to enjoy national running day, but i am hoping (cross your fingers) for a run either tonight or tomorrow!

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