Sunday, June 12, 2011

Week 1 down, only a lot more to go!

We have survived!!!

We are all in 1 piece- more or less!

We are almost through the roughest part!

This past week was the first in the transition period here in our house. Newbie is off to the new job during the week and baby girl and I are here fending for ourselves with our wild animal munchkins.

Week 1 tennis camp is done!
House is repainted and fence fixed so we are that much closer to putting it up on the market.
Baby girl and the pups were absolutely thrilled to see newbie when he came through that door Friday, as was mama.
Newbie and I got a date night and saw the new Pirates, which was great! I loooove me some Johnny Depp.
No rain to cancel my lessons this week!
We may have found a house!

I cannot get baby girl to peacefully go to sleep at night... We both end up exhausted and crying. Not a pretty sight.
It broke my heart to pick her up at the sitters and her not want to come home with me. I get it- another kid to play with and she knew I was going to put her to sleep. But it still broke my heart.
The dogs are in a tailspin right now with all this change and won't eat.
No rain so no water for my plants- just too tired at 9 pm after teaching all day in the heat to water them.
Man, this week was hot!!!!
The housing market is going to crush us on this house, but at least help us on the new one. I better start looking for a job! :-)

Week 2 begins this morning with me headed to work and the girls (baby girl and the pups)
getting a daddy day. 1 more week of earlier mornings for us here and then a more normal schedule. Lots of packing to still be done and new carpet hopefully going down this week. I want this thing on the market ASAP! One less thing to worry about. And Tuesday is a big day- home inspection on the house that I want. If all goes well, we are putting in an offer. Woohooo!!!

So I am most definatly a running mama these weeks- but not in the exercise way. Hoping to get out there again starting next week. Things should semi calm down by then.

Just repeat after me:

If we an make it through the first two weeks, the rest is golden.

If we make it...


  1. You will! You are such an inspiration, you can do it. We are going through another transition as well, graduation and starting a new job, and Paddy back into clinical years, where we will barely see him for 3 years. Its rough, but if you can pick up your whole family, sell a house, and move and start over in a new place, I have hope that we can get through our own little bump in the road. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don't know how you do all that you do! Good luck with the house - I'll be thinking about you!