Saturday, July 23, 2011

things on this mama's mind...

i have had quite a bit going on as of late.  the move, the full time job, the selling of our house, a 20- month old, 2 crazy dogs, etc...  but i do feel as if we are reaching a routine with all of this... and it is all about to change again.

my mind sometimes is elsewhere, so if you see me in person and try to have a conversation with me, i am sorry if you get that blank stare or the "okay, repeat that" comment... i am very, very sorry. 

my mind is probably exploring one of these few thousand things:

1.  oh goodness, i have laundry to do.  again...
2.  please, please do not let the dogs get sick all over the brand spankin' new carpet again.  i don't think i can handle cleaning it up again...
3.  thank goodness the house sold, but hello in-laws.  2 months of living out of a suitcase with a 20 month old should be a lot of fun.
4.  so excited about the new house that we close on this thursday.  so not excited to be a dual home owner.  thank goodness it will only be for 20 days.
5.  i need a job up north, badly.
6.  i would love to get more than the sporadic run in once a week.  first the weather has to cooperate and get rid of the blasted heat.
7.  should i start p90x
8.  should i run the columbus half marathon for probably the final time this october?
9.  are we really leaving all of this life behind?  man i am going to miss my tennis girls...
10.  ack!  girls tennis season starts next week!

this crazy will all soon come to an end.  and a new life is awaiting us up in northern ohio.  and we will all be living full time under the same roof again!

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