Monday, July 25, 2011

looking for a little inspiration

i have 2 major projects coming down the pipeline for baby girl: new bedroom and birthday! 

let me show you her current room:

Tinkerbell green on the walls with the pink and green ladybug theme.  her new room is a dark purple which i have decided not to paint.  it is all white woodwork and should look great with her furniture.  but then what??  purple with brown and white dots?  keep same bedding and incorporate?  ahh!

i would love to make a big ribbon board with a white frame to put all of her pictures on for over her bed or dresser.  my sister brought me a great bookcase/ dollhouse to add.  but i need a little inspiration.  any ideas out there?

now on to the 2nd birthday party.  last year we just had in town relatives over because of a huge christening that we had earlier in the year.  we are tossing around the idea of a full birthday party in our new house this year.  i need some theme ideas!

here was the big FIRST birthday party from last year:

i would love to do a theme like THIS.  any ideas??

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  1. I love the 'love bugs' - sorry that is not inspiration for you! I like purple and green together? I am NOT going to be good at decorating kid's rooms when I do have them!